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About Linky Tools

Linky Tools was created by Brent Riggs.  Find out more about Brent here...

The original website called "MckLinky" was born from need. Back then there was only one "linky" service available and a need for something new.

As I (Brent) thought about using link lists on my own blogs, I did not want to rely on a service that had a growing history of being unreliable or unavailable. So as a programmer, I simply decided to create my own linky system to use privately. Over time, others asked me about being able to use my system.

Why the name change to "Linky Tools"?

A couple of reasons::

First, a lot of people had trouble trying to figure out how to pronounce "MckLinky"... Muh-klinky?  Mick-Klinky?

Second, MckLinky sounded, looked and was spelled too similar to a certain "Mr." out there who has a linky too. I got a lot of email and questions griping me out for the poor customer service and lack of response of "Mr. Other Guy". It got tiring explaining MckLinky is not associated with that other site.

Linky Tools says it all... easy to remember, easy to pronounce.

I hope you enjoy Linky Tools and get a lot of good use out of it. Please feel free to contact us any time with suggestions, comments or questions.

PS. We reserve the right to be family friendly. At our discretion, we do not allow overtly pornographic, violent, racist, gambling, drug or alcohol advertising or blogs (that is not a comprehensive list. Email us first if you want a confirmation about a certain type of blog content). I'm not the content police and try to be pretty lenient... but occassionally when a blog is blatantly un-family-friendly, I'll ask them not to use Linky Tools.

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