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  Personal Link Library Overview & Explanation

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  • Example 1  - Quick start demonstration
  • Example 2  - Private or Public
  • Example 3  - A collection of items (example: books, crafts, stamping, scrapbooking, blog designs, recipes, favorite blog, favorite posts, favorite links or whatever!)
  • In summary, the Personal Link Library is a collection of your saved links (both text and thumbnail) that you can add to your linky lists over and over.

  • You manage your Personal Link Library separately. No matter how many times you add the same personal link to a linky list, it remains in your library for future use.

  • Once a personal link is added to a linky list, it is not connected to the original in your library. So if you delete it, or revise it in the linky list, the library original is unaffected.

  • Likewise, if you revise or delete the original link in your personal library, the copies you added to linky lists are unaffected.

  • You can use your Personal Link Library to create private linky lists (closed to public entries) or to add your personal links to a public linky list.

  • For private use, simply designate your linky list as "PRIVATE" in the linky list options.  Then use the "Add Personal Links" from your dashboard for that list.

  • For public use, click "Add Personal Links" from your dashboard. You can load up your own personal links before publishing the list publicly, or you can append personal links to list that already has public enties.

  • You can use your Personal Linky Library to load up your linky lists before opening the list to public entries
  • Example: you have a repeating linky list (meme, carnival, etc) and you want the first link to be to your instructions page, and the 2nd link to be your own example blog post
  • Example: Your are running a linky list where you want people to do entries a certain way each time. You can store examples in your Personal Linky Library to load up so that your readers have examples
  • Example: You have a particular type of linky list you do on occassion and you keep some example links in your Personal Link Library to load into the list first
  • You have standard links you want all your linky lists to start with... save them in  your Personal Link Library for quick access.

  • You can use your Personal Linky Library to create collections
    or lists of things you want to put on your blog.
  • Example: a collection of the products you offer
  • Example: a collection of your favorite blog posts
  • Example: a list of your favorite blogs
  • Example: a list of your top ten tips for something
  • Example: a list of web links you want to share with your readers


  • You can use your Personal Linky Library to load standard links into your recurring linky lists
  • Example: you might have standard instructions you link to every time, or an example you link to for your readers to view



Here is a list of ideas and suggested uses. Don't let this limit your imagination. There really are no "rules" about how to use your Personal Linky Library.

Keep the general concept in mind: you can create your own library of saved text and thumbnail links. Then you can add them to any linky list in your Dashboard. A linky list can be "private" so that it is just a collection of your owned saved links... or it can be public allowing others to add to your list.

  • A private collection of your products or services
  • A private list of your own favorite blog posts
  • Use your private link library to keep links you add to other blogs frequently (you can't add them automatically but you have the information stored in a handy location)
  • A collection of your crafts, stamps or creations
  • Save some personal links with instructions or examples to add to your recurring linky (meme/carnival)
  • Create collections of just about anything: favorite websites, top ten blog posts, featured product pages, your friends blogs, blogs that are similar to yours