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I appreciate you...

What really sets Linky Tools apart? Personal service.  I own, run, build and service Linky Tools myself. So when you have a question or need some help, I respond to you personally.

Unlike other faceless & nameless imitators, you can always talk with me directly by submitting this form*, or emailing me (  I am genuinely grateful when people use Linky Tools, and I show my appreciation by personally handling your inquiries. The great features of Linky Tools makes it by far the best and most popular "linky" on the Internet... the personal service proves it.

I look foward to hearing from you with your questions, suggestions and even gripes (complaints let me know what to improve).

*This contact form is the best way to contact me. Email can get caught by spam filters even if legitmate.

If I don't get back to you, it's only because I didn't get the message for some reason. Feel free to leave me a voice mail or text me as well: 918-902-7691

If you leave a voicemail, please leave details about what you need me to do (don't just say "call me"). Sales calls never leave a reason just a name, so I ignore them.